Workshop by Prof. S D Patil on Wireshark Lab for S.Y. B. Tech (IT) Students

One day workshop on Wireshark Lab for S.Y. B. Tech (IT) Students  held on 31st January 2019 .

Mrs. Vinayshree S. Akkalkot was invited as resource person. She has around 13 years of experience in networking domain .

Aim of this “wireshark lab” workshop was to educate and inspire students responsible for managing, troubleshooting, diagnosing and securing legacy and modern networks, and to encourage widespread use of the free analysis tool.

Broad content for this workshop were-

Introduction to Packet Capture tools

–          Installing Wireshark tool

–          Testing IP, TCP, ICMP flow through Wiresharktool

–          How to capture packet and identify the MAC address of source host & the destination host in the LAN

–           How to use the trace route commands

Thank you for reading!