First Year Engineering : Activities

GUEST LECTURE: Mr. Sandeep Patil



Each faculty from respective branch has been assigned 4or 5 students for mentoring. Mentoring Forms (Student Information Form) are maintained by mentor (faculty), which involves details of students such as Date of Birth, Blood Group, Mail –ID, Parents information, academic information, his/her involvement in different activities. At least twice in each semester interaction with the concerned batch is done by respective mentor.

Through interaction their difficulties from department, hostel and amenities are known. The suggestions and difficulties from the interaction are conveyed to higher authorities on whom corrective actions are taken. Personal difficulties during the interaction are also shared by the students. On which appropriate guidance and help is provided. The mentoring batch allotted is continued till the completion of his/her graduation.

Professional guidance is provided by arranging lectures of eminent personalities from Academic, Industry & Social spheres. Lectures of faculty from other institutions are organized. Mentoring includes professional guidance, carrier advancement/ course work specific/ lab specific/ total development.



  • Encourage students to discuss their ideas or issues
  • Help to lower stress and build confidence
  • Increases personal knowledge and organizational awareness
  • To build up wisdom, advise, help & encouragement
  • Develops an environment that supports constructive criticism
  • Experiencing greater self-esteem and motivation to succeed.
  • Improving interpersonal relationship such as with teacher and family.
  • Receiving assistance in choosing a carrier path.

Counselor may be one internal expert and one external expert. Internal expert may be Dean, Head of department, Coordinators, Class Teachers etc. whereas external expert may be related to medical field.  Counselor has been assigned for each class. Counseling sheets are maintained by Counselor (faculty), at least twice in each semester interaction with the concerned class is done by respective counselor.

Counseling Staff Name (Counselor):_____________________________________________




  • Receiving assistance with academic endeavors.
  • Constructive interaction with a class teacher and participation in collective activities he or she arranges engagement in the field.
  • Receiving encouragement to cope up with college atmosphere.
  • Receiving assistance in the understanding of subject.
  • It supports their advancement in research activity, conference, presentation, publication, pedagogical skill etc.
  • Student should collect Leave Application Form from Mr A. K. Chavan (English Dept.)
  • Defaulter Student should contact with their Mentor /Dr A. A. Miraje (HoD First Year) Engg.) within 2-3 days after displaying Defaulter List on notice board as well as on college web site.



Extra lectures are arranged for those students which are either weak in particular subject or failed in previous semester.


1) Student should attend Remedial Lectures as per Time Table Schedule.

 2) Time Table Schedule for Remedial Lectures will be display after completion of Mid/End Term Test.

Parent’s Meet

  • Discussion with parents for development of students in academic as well as co-curricular
  • Personal difficulties of students are known during the interaction with parents.


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