Celebrating the 75 years of independence ‘AZADI KA AMRUT MAHOTSAV’ the essay writing competition was organized in the Department of First Year Engineering of Padmabhooshan Dr. Vasantraodada Patil Institute of Technology, Budhgaon, Sangli on 12th March 2021 at 04:00 pm.The students of the first year Engineering have enthusiastically participated in this competition. 92 students were participated in this essay writing competition. The event was blessed by the guidance of Chief Patron Hon. Shree Vishaldada Patil, (Chairman, Dr.VPSSM) Hon. Shree Amitdada Patil (Trustee, Dr.VPSSM) and Dr. D. V. Ghevade (Principal, PVPIT, Budhgaon). Dr. Mrs. Anushka Patil (Head, First Year Engineering Dept), Coordinator Mr. Amit Chavan and all the faculty members contributed to success of this event. There was no language barrier, Students were allowed to write essays in their mother tongue and Hindi or English

The Judging criteria of winners based on the following parameters.

Sr. No.CriteriaPoints
1.Theme and Development of thought10
2.Diction and Structural Organization5
3.Extra- Linguistic features3

The Result of This essay writing competition as mentioned in the table.

Sr. No.Student NameRank
1.Ms.Neha Nitin Arwade1
2.Ms. Mahajan Sakshi Nandkumar2
3.Ms. Patil Namrata Pravin3
4.Abdulrahim Khan4
5.Parth Milind Ranade5

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