Webinar on “Quantum Mechanics”

Topic: “About Quantum Mechanics

Objective : The field of Quantum Physics and Mechanics have not only helped the development in different fields in science and technology but also contributed towards the improvement of the quality of human life. The core aim of this session was to provide an opportunity for the students to interact with the expert in the various areas of Quantum physics. The joy of attending this session brought with it improvement and incremental growth in students approach to do things, more broadly.

Resource Person: Professor M. V. Takale,Department of Physics,Shivaji University, Kolhapur-416004.

Date & Time: Saturday, 10th July, 2021, 02:00 pm to 03:00 pm

In addition to learning and teaching, personality development and social awareness are equally important for the holistic development of students. Physics, chemistry, mathematics and communication skills are of special importance in the field of engineering. Recognizing the importance of all these fields of the knowledge, First Year Engineering Department under the guidance of Chairman, VPSSM Hon’ble Shri. Vishaldada Patil, Trustee(VPSSM) Shri Amitdada Patil and Principal Dr. D.V. Ghewade special lectures (webinars) are organized every Saturday under the “Innovative Lecture Series” for first year engineering students. Accordingly, “Keynote talk on, “About Quantum Mechanics”” by Professor Dr. M. V. Takale,(Department of Physics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur – 416004.) was organised

In his lecture, he started how the birth of new branch “quantum mechanics’
has been arised. He gave many evidences for it starting with Planck’s QuantumTheory and many experimental illustrations done were lead for the beginning of this branch. He gave the information about the various inventions how it leads to the formulation of the branch and even he explained how the mathematics helps to verify the existence of quantum
phenomena. To unfold many mysteries in the universe, He further added how much important the quantum mechanics is playing the role till today and will be playing in future also. In his lecture he quoted that the quantum mechanics is solving many troubles related to human lives also.

For this lecture series 225 students were present and asked various doubts
during question answer sessions.Such lecture series for FY students are beneficial to build their competent knowledge required for their carrier development.

This lecture was organized by the First Year Engineering Department. Head of the Department Dr. Anushka Patil (Head of the Department) led the event as well as Dr. Maqsood Waikar coordinated. Dr. Sanjay Patil introduced guest speaker and Smita Mandale offered vote of thanks. Special assistance was received from the Registrar of the College, Mr. Kiran Patil for this event In the first year, Mr. Amit Chavan, Mrs. Deepali Lavate, Dr. Vishal Suryavanshi, Dr. Prakash Kadam- Lugde and took special efforts. The event was attended by all first year engineering students and parents. Students are expressing satisfaction about this initiative


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